Bộ điều khiển màn hình ghép DSCON3000-4U

Multi-screen Controller
– 19” standard 4U ATCA industry box
– High speed passive rear panel design, reliable and stable
– Easy and flexible configuration with pluggable card module design
– 160ch@1080P or 640ch@D1 signal decoding (full configured)
– Redundant power optional and smart temperature controlled fan
– FPGA array framework, built in ultrahigh bandwidth switch matrix, high image processing capacity, flexible data exchange
– Powerful main control chip inside, ultrahigh data processing capacity and good extensibility
– PCI-E bus, high system bandwidth
– Support analog/digital video signals input and matrix output
– Support non-compressed digital signal encoding output
– 2 RJ-45 gigabit network ports for matrix control, preview
– Remote cast analog/digital video onto the video-wall
– Remote reboot/upgrade/default setting and etc operations